Activator Adjustment

What Is An Activator?

The late 1970’s brought about the development of an instrument that assisted with the spinal adjustments. It is known as an Activator. The Activator method is very systematic (thorough). As well as being very effective, and extremely safe. the depth of the impulse is precisely adjustable, making it very light, very fast and very comfortable for the patient. The patient can stay clothed. It’s convenient.

This is how it works:

The Activator sends a light, well controlled mechanical impulse about four times faster than the body can react to. This mechanical impulse “activates” the nerve endings around the joint which sends signals to the brain. The brain then responds by telling the surrounding muscles to contract, and thereby bringing the joint surfaces back into alignment. This restores the function of the joint. 

The patient’s own muscle do the correction of the subluxation. What could be more comfortable and safe?

Many people prefer this method and this is the main way we adjust at UO Chiro.