What is the Science in Chiropractic?

Current research acknowledges that everything is connected. The brain and body are considered one system.

Chiropractic care is about optimizing the nervous system because this improves your overall health.  By correcting mechanical faults (subluxations) of all joints of the body, and especially those of the spine. The bio-mechanics and the bio-electrics (brain and the body’s electric system) are intimately connected. 

So called “life-stumbles” can happen. The mind-body can get jarred and off balance. When the mind becomes jarred, brain firing patterns go off kilter resulting in pain and our health begins to deteriorate. When joints become jammed and disjointed, they need to be realigned and released, all the while calming and rebalancing the brain’s circuits. This is where Chiropractic care comes in, correcting the “dis-integration” of how the body – mind works.

A spine out of line or a brain out of balance can result in pain and eventually ill-health. At UOCC, through chiropractic adjustments and more, we can help restore the balance needed to return to pain-free living and better health and the re-integration of the brain and the body.


Depending on what the patient prefers, we at Upper Oakville Chiropractic Centre, adjust (align and release) the spine or other joints in two ways – either through the more traditional manual adjustments or instrument assisted adjusting with the use of the well-proven Activator instrument

Both methods are safe and effective.